In 97′ during journey to Milan, polish designer Loren met charming Italian with impeccable manners. Discussion quickly got down to watches’ designs – that evening these two gentelmen signed up a deal to make brand new collection together.

Five years later they met at watches’ fair in Basel and started working together on first designs to start off their new collection. This collaboration have given rise to new brand known to this day as Gino Rossi, which logo combines Loren’s emblem crown and G. Rossi’s name.

Son of Loren’s owner from the earliest age had been watching his Father’s passion towards watches’ craftmanship. Because of this commitement, his son quickly began to learn ins and outs of watchmaker masterwork. He is currently in the lead of Gino Rossi’s brand and connects tradition and modern trends. For our designers the most important aspect is quality of used materials and carely put together image that can complement our brand’s one-of-a-kind character.

Rich colour pallete and original esthetics are Gino Rossi’s standard that underlines our watches’ Italian temperament and ellegance.