Gino Rossi’s watches are currently ones of the most recognizable and best selling watches in Poland. They are featured by high amount of models and flawless quality of used materials.

Watches include durable and reliable mechanism (Miyota, Isa) providing long lasting lifespan. Our watches are made with help of modern technology IPS/IPG/IP black (ION PLATING). It is ion process of putting watches shell assuring concrete silver (golden, black) colour and high resistance to scratches. Because this method doesn’t use nickel, watches are antiallergic and natural for skin.

Currently we shipped over 1000 designs including Gino Rossi Premium Steel Edition. Every month our artists design dozen of new models. Gino Rossi Collection watches are perfected by classy G. Rossi signed branding and bright, vast colour pallet.

Because of these reasons we got appreciation and recognition from clients in Poland, Europe and all over the globe.